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Do you regularly have contact with French-speaking colleagues, customers or suppliers? Or is your company expanding into a French-speaking country? At LinguaProf we offer training for businesses!

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It's always good to improve your language knowledge in your company, especially if it is with the help of a tutor:

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What will be discussed during the French course?

We help you prepare to learn specific business conversations. These can be (telephone) conversations but also classical appointments and drafting letters/emails. We teach you to speak, understand, read and write French in a fun way.

Why choose LinguaProf?

At LinguaProf we have numerous teachers who are ready to take your company to the next level:

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Si tu veux tu peux !!!

Dan Elie Y.

Speaks: English

I am Dan Elie Yba bilingual professional fluent in French which is my native language. I have more than 6 years of experience as an online teacher and 8 years experience in offline teacher . I love teaching because i always like to explain and clarify something to a person, I am always passionate in satisfying students and have many years of experience in interacting with students from diverse nationality and most of them are now French teach in school and also online teacher.Teaching ,it has always been part of my live .If you want to be a french speaker you can!!!! In French << SI TU VEUX ,TU PEUX !!!!!!>>


Language degree graduate offering French, Spanish and Gaeilge lessons!

Kira M.

Speaks: English, French

I recently graduated from Bachelor of Arts in Applied Languages in University of Limerick. I have experience teaching French, Spanish, Gaeilge and English to exam students and in cases on a casual basis. I have taught French to children between the ages of 9-15 in a classroom setting and English to students between the ages of 3-18. I am passionate about language learning and I enjoy helping others to improve their skills!

Verified education

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Riphah International University

Masters in Project Management

Sep 2019 - Jun 2021

Being well-versed in communication as a project manager has greatly benefited my role as an English teacher. My background in project management with a focus on communication skills has made me a good English teacher in several ways. Firstly, I can deliver lessons effectively by utilizing clear and engaging communication techniques, just as I would when delivering information to team members in project management. I can articulate ideas, explain grammar rules, and discuss literary concepts in a manner that is easily understandable for my students. Secondly, my active listening skills, developed through project management, enable me to actively listen to my students' thoughts, questions, and difficulties. I provide constructive feedback to help them improve their language skills, tailoring my teaching methods to address their individual needs. Furthermore, I bring the collaboration and teamwork aspect of project management into my English classes. I foster a collaborative environment where students can work together on group projects, engage in discussions, and deliver presentations. I encourage effective communication among students, promoting the expression of ideas and facilitating meaningful discussions and mutual learning. My project management experience has also strengthened my written and verbal communication skills, which seamlessly transfer into my English teaching role. I can provide clear written instructions and feedback to students on their writing assignments. Additionally, I effectively communicate verbally during classroom discussions, presentations, and one-on-one interactions. Finally, my conflict resolution skills, honed in project management, are valuable in the classroom. I handle disagreements or misunderstandings among students with patience and empathy. I facilitate constructive dialogue and find resolutions that promote a positive learning environment. Overall, my background in project management with a strong emphasis on communication has enhanced my abilities as an English teacher. It enables me to deliver lessons effectively, actively listen to students, foster collaboration, demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills, and handle conflicts with professionalism. These skills contribute to creating a conducive learning environment where students can thrive and develop their English language proficiency.


Cairo university


Jan 2020 - present

I have finished my Master's degree in teaching Arabic as a second language, this helps me a lot in improving my skills in teaching


Verified work experience

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French Institute Galway

French as a Foreign Language Teacher

May 2022 - present

I'm a currently the French Teacher at the French Institute Galway. I'm teaching all levels and with all learners (children, students, adults). I'm creating and preparing all my classes.


School of foreign languages SMART, Zagreb, Croatia

Professor of French language and mediator of French culture

Mar 2013 - Oct 2018

- teaching French language to various language levels and different age groups and individuals - inciting participation in various cultural events having a French character and placed in Croatia, like festivals, music and cinematic events, theatre (Mois de la Francophonie, Festival Rendez-vous, Francontraste, Week of French movies, Cirque du Soleil), all in association with French Embassy - participating and organising school’s varied workshops aiming for an exchange of cultural and professional knowledge between professors and partner


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Average price: 51.35EUR/h

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Learn French with a native French Teacher. Patient, friendly and passionate I Will make you fluent in French.

Nathalie W.

I have been teaching French for over 3years. I teach on other plateforme and I have helped so many students to achieve their goals of learning French. I am a native French speaker . All my education till my Bachelor degree was conducted in French. And I also speak English as I got a TEFL certificate 1year ago. I have certificate teaching French on other plateform where I am teaching. So, I can help you learn French and achieve your goals as I did before with others students and I am still doing it.


French graduate, translator

Diana V.

Graduate in French, Distinction in French, Trinity College Dublin
Fluent in French and sometime French resident
Working knowledge of French in tech and EU


Native teacher offers french classes.

Florian B.

I'm native, I have a French teaching degree and I have a lot of experience(more than 5 years). I'm responsible, adaptive and I like when the students are enjoying the classes. I'm patient so feel free to ask if you have doubts.

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