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Speaking English is beneficial not only for your job or school, but also for life. You will get to enjoy travel experiences more, have more chances in business, and you will connect with more people. Are you feeling unmotivated to start studying in this language? Get a teacher through LinguaProf today!

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Topics to study in the English course

As there are many topics to study in your course, we have set some examples of what you could focus on. Together with your teacher, you will discuss what benefits you the most in your learning desires. This way you will never study something that is not necessary.


  • Speak English in person or online
  • Practice your pronunciation
  • And more…


  • Understand other people talk in English
  • Watch movies or shows without subtitles
  • And more…


  • Read articles or books in English
  • Read instructions in English
  • And more…


  • Write essays or homework assignments
  • Send your relatives a letter
  • And more…

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A selection of our tutors

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Spanish teacher offers Spanish lessons.

Isabel L.

Speaks: English, Spanish

I'm a Spanish teacher about to be fully qualified with a degree in English and Spanish, a master's in translation, and a master's in education. I'm currently living and teaching in Ireland and looking for more students! I believe learning languages is for everyone and it can be loads of fun. Let me know if you'd like to know more about me!


Language Student offers Spanish, English and German tutoring A1-B1

Mihai Stefan B.

Speaks: English, Spanish, German

I am a friendly, open minded , curious person who loves learning new things. I also believe that everything we know, we have to share with the world, given the fact that I am a strong believer that our mission is to create a better world and empower people.


Master students offers psychology tutoring and also counselling for the students

Binu T.

Speaks: English, Malayalam, Hindi

Iam a clinical psychologist. I did Masters in clinical psychology. I do counselling the people who has teen problems, marital problems, academic problems etc...I do psychological testing and evaluations. I love teaching. My hobby is reading books. Iam married and have three kids living together to make a happy life.


Learn Spanish from expert

Spanish Language Teacher Shreya M.

Speaks: English, Spanish

I am a student pursuing Masters. I am from India and back in India, I have taken tuitions of small kids from grades 3-5. Kids loved my Spanish tuition and I liked them growing up under my guidance. I have successfully finished C1.1 from a very reputed institute.


Spanish Teacher

Miss Melissa P.

Speaks: English, Spanish

I am qualified as a Teacher with 12 years of experience, I have always been passionate about teaching.I like to bring that energy into the classroom, encouraging my students to see each step of the learning process as a dynamic way to develop their ideas and to express their individual strengths. I am also fluent in English. I hold Spanish and English recognized qualifications to teach both languages.


Experienced tutor in English Language, English Literature, Academic, Creative Writing and Spanish Language and Literature.

Suzzanna M.

Speaks: English

I am a writer of fiction, poetry, and essays with experience in content development, content marketing strategy and instructional design. As a marketer at Dictionary.com, I delved into research and analytics, led go-to-market planning, and cross-platform campaigns. I was responsible for content development for the company’s suite of tech products and services, as well as social and in-app promotional content. In my role as a Content Strategy Consultant, I advised Marketing and PR executives on building brand story and led corporate training in content marketing strategies for consumer product companies, like Hershey. As a postgraduate student, I worked in humanities research and served as an instructor of English and Creative Writing.


English as a second language teacher

Mrs Julieta M.

Speaks: English, Spanish

My name is Julieta. I’m from Argentina. I’m a native Spanish speaker and fluent in English. I’m an English teacher, transcriptionist and translator. I’ve been working on transcription - translations projects for the last two years. I´m reliable and have an excellent eye for details. I would be great to work with you!


Experienced teacher of English language with a broad professional IB DP and IGCSE background from Switzerland

Balazs Csaba N.

Speaks: English, Hungarian

I am a skilled and experienced international educator with the ability to teach, motivate and guide students while maintaining high level of interest and achievement. I am an IB DP Teacher of History, IB DP Examiner in History, Teacher of History and Social Studies (QTS, MA, distinction), Teacher of English Language and Literature (QTS, MA, distinction), Teacher of IGCSE Global Perspectives/ Business Studies and English as a Second Language who is capable of effectively communicating with culturally diverse students. My professional background and broad academic horizon can effectively contribute to being a successful language teacher of English, too. Currently I live and work in Switzerland at an international boarding school close to Sion. I love hard rock music (both listening and attending concerts) and being in nature. I have 2 kids and a fantastic wife (plus a havanese dog). I am self-motivated with strong planning. I can build a sense of confidence in my students together with passion for my subjects. As an experienced educator I can effectively contribute to the academic and emotional success of my students by making them aware of their potentials, imparting in-depth knowledge, motivating them and facilitating their critical and analytical thinking. Developing an understanding of cultural diversity is also vital to me. I regard my profession as a lifelong vocation. Motivation is a central element of my teaching. My authenticity, professional knowledge, dynamism, student-centered teaching/mindset and enthusiasm can largely motivate my students’ learning. I have a strong commitment to my students’ holistic growth as well. We are all human beings filled with emotions and aspirations for a successful life. My success is Your success.

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Dublin City University

BA in Contemporary Culture and Society

Sep 2011 - Apr 2014

Sociology, International Relations and Security, Literature, Linguistics, Media Studies, Spanish, Communications, Multiculturalism, Business Spanish, European Integration, and more



Master as a Montessori Teacher

Jan 2017 - Dec 2018

Primary and preeschool


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.




Jan 2020 - present

Among other experiences, I have provided legal translations also to EPlay 24, a betting company working with DaZone and to the Chilean Embassy in Italy. I have also provided translation for private clients such as the Italian-American artist Maria Domenica Rapicavoli.


Learn Spanish with Esther

Spanish teacher

Sep 2017 - Mar 2022

Teaching spanish to children and adults online


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Average price: 18.16EUR/h

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Miss Ashlie M.

I am a native English speaker who has a TEFL/TESOL Certificate, a Bachelor's degree and Masters degree specialising in English. I am highly experienced in English teaching and can provide lessons in grammar, vocabulary, written, oral and aural ability. I can also provide lessons in academic writing and reading literature/poetry if you desire a more advanced level of learning.


C1 English

Spanish Native With Hands-On Experience Beatriz C.




Marina D.

I am a native speaker of American English and can help improve pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing, and conversation skills.
I can also edit papers, essays, or other writing materials for grammar, vocabulary, and general readability.

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