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Are you a beginner in the Korean language? Would you like to improve your grammar, spelling, pronunciation, or writing? Would you like to understand their culture, history? LinguaProf offers you professional tutors who will offer you everything to reach your goals. Choose private lessons with LinguaProf and see your progress!

See what advantages we offer for our students

Would you like to have a flexible schedule? Maybe you want to learn with friends or maybe alone? What do you think about online classes? LinguaProf offers you all benefits that will make your life easier. See all advantages below:

  • Professional teachers who are selected based on an interview, work experience, resume, and learning materials
  • Personalized courses, which means you will have customized classes
  • Flexible hours and days of courses, you can choose which days you want to learn
  • Online courses, you can learn remotely
  • Face-to-face courses, you can learn with your teacher in-person
  • Safe payment
  • Free registration on the website

Group courses for everyone who wants to learn with friends and other people

LinguaProf offers you to learn in a group of people, which means you can practice and improve with friends or other students. You can meet new people, make friends and not be alone in the classes. On the other hand, you can choose to have courses individually, which means you will be alone with your teacher and practice your subject in arranged place alone.

Learn the Korean language at your level of knowledge

Before your courses start we want to know your level of language. Based on that we will select a teacher for you that will help you with improvement. Here you can read all levels:

  • A1:  basic level
  • A2:  elementary level
  • B1: intermediate level
  • B2: upper intermediate level
  • C1:  advanced level
  • C2:  level of complete mastery

Make sure to have Skype, Zoom, Teams, or FaceTime for online courses with LinguaProf

If you choose to have online courses with LinguaProf, make sure you have prepared the main things to start your classes. Our teachers are prepared with all learning material even for online courses, so don't worry. Don't forget to prepare these things:

  • A computer
  • A video communication platform as Skype
  • A microphone and camera
  • A stable internet connection

Are you ready to become our student and improve with LinguaProf?

Make registration for free following these steps:

  • Sign up for free
  • Write your needs
  • Wait until we assign you a tutor
  • Start your first lesson with LinguaProf

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Finding a quality teacher has never been this easy!

3 simple steps to start your lessons!

1. Sign up for free

Describe your request and learning goals. Sign up in group or individually.

2. Choose between private lessons or join a group

You can join an existing learning group on your level or get a tailored lesson plan.

3. Start your lessons

After your first trial lesson you can decide whether or not to continue your lessons.

Prices Korean grinds

The costs of lessons depend on the group size, location and topics.

Average price: 13.25EUR/h

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