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Turkish is the official language of Turkey but it is spoken in other countries such as Germany, Greece, or Cyprus. The Turkish language speaks to over 80 million people in the world. Learning this language is very impressive, interesting, and important for people who want to expand, travel or work in Turkish-speaking countries. Are you looking for a teacher to learn this language? Would you like to have simple conversations? LinguaProf offers improvements and practices with professional teachers.

Why should you learn the Turkish language?

Turkey is an important country looking from a geographical way. There is a huge interest in international relations and diplomacy. See what other benefits can Turkish language bring to you:

  • Turkish alphabet has Latin letters, which means who speaks English can easily read Turkish
  • Don't worry about an accent, pronunciation is not difficult
  • Turkish culture is very interesting and unique, it is a way to truly understand the history and culture
  • Turkey is a big opportunity for expanding your career
  • Turkey is a great place for vacations and traveling, so why not make your stays easier and more interesting?

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Our platform focuses on the advantages and benefits that we could offer you. It is important for us that you could learn from your comfortable environment, study with friends, or alone. In addition, we care about your goals and that is why we select the most suitable teachers for you. See the benefits we offer:

  • Professional teacher, who is qualified and selected based on the interviews
  • Flexible time, which means you can select a time of your classes
  • Online courses for those who can't attend classes
  • Face-to-face courses for those who want to learn with a teacher in-person
  • Group courses which mean learning with more people
  • Individual courses which mean you will have private classes
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Do you know what to prepare if you choose to have online courses?

If you choose to learn the Turkish language from the office, home, or anywhere you want to, make sure to have all the important things prepared. It is important to have these things:

  • A computer or other electronic devices
  • A stable internet connection
  • A video communication platform as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or others…
  • A microphone and camera

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Learn Turkish Language

Lale K.

Speaks: Turkish

Independent Native Trainer in Turkish Language. I am a Sociology Bachelor graduate from Istanbul University. I am a Family Therapy Specialist. I was born in Turkey and I grew up in Turkey. I have Turkish Language Training Certificate. Türkçe dilinde bağımsız yerli Eğitmen. İstanbul Üniversitesi Sosyoloji Lisans mezunuyum. Aile Terapisi Uzmanıyım. Türkiye'de doğdum ve Türkiye'de büyüdüm. Türkçe Dil Eğitimi Sertifikam var.

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University College London

PGCE, Modern Languages

Sep 2018 - Jul 2019

Post-graduate teaching qualification for modern languages teaching in secondary schools from the top teaching university globally.


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French teacher

Nov 2017 - present

French teacher for companies, private needs, in groups and ones to ones, online and in person.https://www.bradylanguages.com/


Argentina Intl Moving SRL

Project Manager

Oct 2003 - present

Although I am a recent graduate in teaching, the wide-ranging subjects involved in training included online practises with foreign students, which were undoubtedly the most rewarding experience during the process. Moreover, my eighteen years’ experience as a sales representative in an international company, as well as in team training, have honed my communication skills and ability to interact with people. In addition, since an early age I have been actively participating in different writing workshops giving me the chance to hone my creativity skills. My growing passion for learning and teaching, together with the above-mentioned experiences, possess the right combination to teach.


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