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Online Italian courses via Skype, Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, or other platforms…

You can choose to have online or in-person courses. Lessons remotely mean that you learn through a video communication platform. It is a more comfortable way to learn for those who don't have enough time to attend in-person classes. If you choose to have face-to-face classes, you will meet your teacher in person at an already-arranged place. The choice is up to you. Keep in mind, that if you choose to have online courses, you have to prepare these things:

  • A computer
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  • A camera and microphone

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Languages student offers Italian lessons

Gaia T.

Speaks: English, French, Italian

Hello, my name's Gaia and I'm 19. I've just finished school in Italy, where I studied English, French and German. I'd like to help you because learning new languages is like a journey, a beautiful journey where you can also find difficulties and you could easily give up. I hope you'll contact me soon!


Biologist and PhD in Aquatic Sciences tutoring all levels of biology/cellular biology, botany and natural sciences.Online/Galway

Giovanni C.

Speaks: English, Italian

I'm 31 years old Italian with a bachelor in Biological Sciences and an MSc in Biodiversity and Ecosystems Management. I've also recently completed a PhD in Aquatic Sciences here at ATU Galway. I've been a passionate biology/natural science student myself and I know how some of these subjects can give you headaches, especially when you approach them for the first time. So now I'm happy to help younger students learn about cell biology, genetics, botany, chemistry and other nature sciences, hopefully transmitting my interest for how nature works and inspiring new scientists.


Master student offers Italian and German tutoring.

Ester B.

Speaks: German, English, Italian

Hello! My name is Ester and I am Italian. I studied languages at Universities in Bologna and Modena and I am currenlty a Postgradute student at the University of Galway. During the past years I have taught Italian, German and a little bit of French online to Italian students: I am all on board to listen to your requests! We can focus on Grammar, Vocabulary, Conversation and Reading. If you are interested we can have some literature lessons!


English , Italian and Hungarian lessons from online tutor with 16 years' experience in teaching

Linda P.

Speaks: English, Hungarian, Italian

About Me Hi there! :) My name's Linda. I am a Hungarian native speaker . I was born in Budapest and lived in Hungary for 35 years then I moved to Italy then to the Netherlands. I am a qualified language teacher. I have a BA in English Linguistics and Literature as well as a TEFL-Certificate of English .I teach Hungarian , English and Italian too. . I have been teaching languages for already 15 years. I can help you in exam or job interview preparation, improve your vocabulary, pronounciation , teach you useful everyday life expressions that are necessary to live in the target country and explain the grammar in a comprehensive way or just maintain your existing linguistic level. Me as a Teacher I have many years of experience. I have always been a language teacher. I love teaching and meeting new students. During my career, I have met students of different nationalities from different cultures. I think that is amazing! :) I have lived in many countries in Europe so I know how important it is to speak foreign languages. My lessons & teaching style I have been teaching languages for 15 years and in the last 5 years I have been an online tutor. I think it is a fantastic way to help students and it is really convenient for students too avoiding commuting from and to the teacher I always pay close attention to that all materials, videos, podcasts , worksheets, articles and texts should be the most up- to- date. In the first lesson we always clarify the students' needs and goals with the language as well as assessing the individual levels. My teaching material PDF file Audio files Test templates and examples Text Documents Image files Articles and news Video files Homework Assignments


HR professional offers online tutoring in different subjects

Eleonora P.

Speaks: German, English, French, Italian

A HR professional with 7+ years of international work experience (Italy, France, the UK and Luxembourg) including Recruitment, Administration, Payroll and Training, and solid knowledge of English and French. Executing different roles within the companies led me to be flexible in demanding and dynamic environments. Thanks to my philosophical background, combined with an international Master in Management, I have developed strong time management, research and listening skills, good analytical capabilities and a keen eye for detail. Curious, pro-active and willing to teach humanistic subjects but also Italian and French languages, and philosophy/ spirituality/personal development, if you like.


Postgraduate student offers Italian language lessons

Andrea D.

Speaks: English, Italian, Spanish

Hi, I’m Andrea D’Agostino. I’m 29 years old and I come from Milan, Italy. After my first degree in communication, media and advertising, I have got my master’s degree in Television, Cinema and New Media. I have worked in many different fields, from the video production and video editing to the Human Resources, field where I’m currently working. I’m always been interested in the communication and languages film. I’m fluent in English (Ielts 8) and mother tongue in Italian.


I can help you speak Italian in a fun and effective way

Daniele P.

Speaks: English

Welcome My name is Daniele and I am a native Italian from Turin Italy. An interesting fact about myself is that I spent several years in Japan. During my time in Japan, I taught Italian to Japanese students in a private school. My time in Japan revealed to me that my true passion is teaching and since then I have dedicated my life teaching Italian to foreigners in both public and private institutions, such as the Polytechnic University of Turin, General Motors, Suzuki and the United Nations where I have been teaching Italian for more than 20 years at Manager and Profetionals from all over the world (American, Chinese, Japanese, African and European) What can I do for you 1) I can offer innovative online Italian lessons for those who don't have time but need to learn quickly and improve their performance in a fun and relaxing way. 2) I can prepare you to take exams for all the most important Italian certificates: CELI-CILS-CIC-AIL-PLIDA 3) I can prepare you for passing the Italian exam to get the Car Driving Licence in Italy (Patente B)


Native languages English and Italian.

Giulia L.

Speaks: English, Italian


Salve! Mi chiamo Giulia, sono una Italo-Americana cresciuta nei Stati Uniti. Dopo aver finito le scuole in America mi sono traferita in Italia dove ho vissuto i ultimi 7 anni facendo la triennale e magistrale. Da quando sto in Italia la cosa abbastanza ovvia che ho notato è il livello di inglese...diciamo che si puo migliorare. Ma non vi preoccupate sono qui per questo! Offro ripetizioni, conversazione e qualsiasi altro che state cercando per migliorare il vostro Inglese. Ho fatto summer camps con bambini dai 3 ai 13 anni, ripetizioni e conversazioni per tute le eta in tutte le circostanze. Il mio metodo di insegnamento va molto in base alla persona che ho di fronte e le loro obbiettivi, troveremo insieme il metodo gusto per raggiungere i vostri GOALS!

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


State University of Milan (UNIMI)

Bachelor's Degree in International Studies and European Institutions (ITA)

Oct 2015 - Dec 2018

It was a multidisciplinary degree including Public, Private, and International Law courses, Economy, Sociology, English, French, German, International Relations (IR), Geopolitics, and Strategic Studies. Of particular note, it widened my linguistic knowledge further, and my English happened to benefit substantially from my learning German, a Germanic sister-language.


Universita Degli Studi Dell'Aquila

Master Electrical Engineer

Oct 2009 - Apr 2016

Master electrical engineer


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.



Freelance script translator/dialoguist

Oct 2020 - Apr 2021

Concerning my experience as a script translator/adaptor, the adaptation of the movie BAC Nord (available on Netflix) for the italian market is my major experience in the audiovisual world. I have learned how to manage the translation and adaptation of a script, localise its peculiar cultural and linguistic elements and make them accessible to the italian public, as well as to mantain a credible lip-sync.


Dante Alighieri

Italian Teacher

Jul 2016 - Nov 2019

Individual courses (A1....C2), Group Courses (A1....C2), Preparation for official exams


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Average price: 20.46EUR/h

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Italian courses

Giuseppe Carlo C.

As an italian native speaker, since 2017 I offer italian classes to those who want to learn the language and improve their spoken, written and listening skills. I also have experience in giving help to kids (both italian and foreign) with their language/grammar homework.


Italian classes

Mrs. Valentina G.

I will teach you how to communicate in Italian in a formal and informal way, according to the reason why you're learning the language.


Italian courses or tutoring

Mr Giovanni S.

I am an Italian native speaker with a Classical Lyceum diploma. It is the only secondary-school path in Italy that is comprised of mandatory Latin and Ancient Greek courses since the very beginning. Italian grammar is also a preferred domain of study.

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