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Do you prefer studying by yourself? At Linguaprof we offer one-on-one lessons in Turkish. This way, the course is always fitted to your needs. Private lessons can increase intrinsic motivation, give better performance in other studies and fewer distractions. Are you looking for these benefits? Our teacher can help you with that.

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Studying a new language is exciting as is. You don’t want any distractions from factors that don’t benefit your learning experience. That is why we want to make you as comfortable as possible with the following aspects.

  • Flexible hours. Our teachers are there for you in the evenings and on the weekends as well!
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What to study in the Turkish language?

As there is much to learn in the Turkish language, we suggest that you investigate what you would like to learn. Do you need Turkish for business opportunities or personal reasons? In every case you would need different aspects of the language. Below we have stated some examples of what the content of your lessons could be.


  • Basic phrases
  • Basic dialogues
  • Talking about how you feel
  • And more..


  • “Bir” as the indefinite article
  • Turning a statement into a question
  • Expressing one’s needs
  • And more..


  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • And more..

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The TEFL Org


Feb 2024 - present

Hey there, If you're exploring English tutoring options, let me share how my TEFL degree can enhance your learning experience. To start, my TEFL training has equipped me with specialized knowledge in teaching English to non-native speakers. Just as a skilled teacher adapts to the needs of their students, I'll personalize our lessons to match your language goals and learning style. Effective communication lies at the heart of teaching, and my TEFL education has sharpened my ability to convey complex language concepts in a clear and understandable manner. You can trust me to break down grammar rules and language nuances with ease. Organization is key to creating a structured and productive learning environment. Like lesson planning in TEFL, I'll carefully organize our sessions to cover relevant topics and maximize our time together. In the world of TEFL, providing excellent student support is paramount. With my background, I prioritize responsiveness to your questions, timely feedback on your progress, and fostering a supportive atmosphere where you can thrive. Furthermore, my TEFL degree has instilled in me a passion for teaching and a commitment to your success. I'll draw on innovative teaching methods and pedagogical techniques to ensure our lessons are engaging and impactful. Lastly, problem-solving is a fundamental skill in TEFL, where each student may face unique challenges. Like troubleshooting in the classroom, I'll approach any obstacles in your learning journey with creativity and adaptability. In essence, my TEFL degree is more than just a qualification—it's a testament to my dedication to providing you with a top-notch learning experience. Together, let's unlock your full potential in English!


Università degli Studi Chieti - Pescara


Sep 2005 - Apr 2009

Laurea triennale in Lingue e letterature straniere


Verified work experience

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French Cultural Center of Kigali - Rwanda

Tutor in French Part-Time

Mar 2000 - May 2006

Teaching French as a Foreign Language - Kids, High School Students and Adults Learners


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Average price: 21.00EUR/h

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