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Are you looking for a good teacher to help you get further in German language? We offer preparation for your exam. The Goethe certificate can be used to prove that you have reached a certain level of German as a second or native language. Do you want to participate in this exam? Let our teachers help you!

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The Goethe exam should be prepared the way you feel comfortable. As this could be an exciting for some, it is important that you feel confident during the test. We will prepare you with the following benefits:

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All of our teachers are specialized in helping their students. In our interviews, we look for competence. We think that teaching experience is mandatory and some form of expertise in the subject that they teach. Like German!

The levels in the certificate

The Goethe certificate is available for anyone who is interested. The test will demonstrate your knowledge of the language. The knowledge can be determined in a certain level. The organization lets students take test in the following levels:

  • A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1
  • C2

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Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


University College Cork

Higher Diploma in Advanced Languages and Global Software Business (Spanish)

Sep 2020 - Sep 2021

Higher Diploma in Advanced Languages and Global Software Business (Spanish): I hold a Higher Diploma in Advanced Languages and Global Software Business with a focus on Spanish. This program uniquely integrates advanced language studies with specialized training in the global software business, equipping me with both linguistic proficiency and industry-specific knowledge. Key Components of My Studies: Advanced Spanish Proficiency: My coursework included advanced Spanish language studies, focusing on enhancing my fluency and accuracy in speaking, writing, listening, and reading. I engaged in complex language tasks and deepened my understanding of Spanish grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. Business Spanish: I studied Spanish tailored for business contexts, learning industry-specific terminology and communication strategies. This included writing business correspondence, conducting negotiations, and making presentations in Spanish, preparing me for professional interactions in Spanish-speaking business environments. Global Software Business: The program provided comprehensive training in the global software business, covering topics such as software development, project management, and business strategy. I gained insights into the software industry, including market trends, business models, and technological advancements. Intercultural Communication: Emphasizing the importance of cultural competence in global business, my studies included courses on intercultural communication and cultural dynamics. I learned to navigate and respect cultural differences, enhancing my ability to work effectively in international settings. Translation and Localization: I received specialized training in translation and localization, focusing on adapting software and digital content for Spanish-speaking markets. This included understanding linguistic nuances, cultural references, and user expectations, ensuring accurate and culturally appropriate translations. Project-Based Learning: The program incorporated project-based learning, where I applied my skills to real-world projects. This included collaborating with peers on software localization projects, developing business plans for international markets, and conducting market research in Spanish-speaking regions. Technical Skills: I acquired technical skills relevant to the software industry, including familiarity with programming languages, software tools, and project management software. This technical knowledge complemented my language skills, making me proficient in both linguistic and technical aspects of the software business. Professional Development: My studies included opportunities for professional development, such as internships, workshops, and networking events. These experiences allowed me to apply my knowledge in professional settings, build industry connections, and gain practical insights into the global software business. The Higher Diploma in Advanced Languages and Global Software Business (Spanish) has equipped me with a unique combination of advanced language proficiency and industry-specific expertise. This program has prepared me to navigate the global business landscape effectively, particularly in the context of the software industry, and to contribute meaningfully to international projects and collaborations.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


University College Dublin (UCD)

External Oral Examiner

Nov 2010 - Dec 2010

Examiner for the Oral Exams.



Japanese translator

May 2019 - Jan 2020

On site translator


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Average price: 18.05EUR/h

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B1 certified tutor

Mr Shyam J.

If you want to pass Goethe A1 or A2 certification exams, I can help you. I also provide assistance for studying in Germany.


Native German Speaker

Julius E.

Learn from a native person and how to get more results in a faster time. Over than 7 years of experience in the teaching


Master graduate with C2 offers lessons

Luca P.

Hello! My name is Luca, I am an Italian teacher of Latin, Greek, and German. In Germany, I studied Latin and Greek with a teaching qualification and taught at a German school. Now, I have moved to Italy, where I teach both Latin and Greek as well as German - a language for which I have a special passion. Thanks to my experience and the application of advanced teaching methods, I carry out my profession professionally.

After a diagnostic phase, in which I try to determine where it is best to start our work, we will create a lesson plan together. This plan serves either to prepare for your exams or to develop an individual plan to achieve your personal learning goals.

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