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Are you looking into studying Italian? This language is spoken by 85 million people across the world. The romantic language can be used for many things and isn’t hard to learn. With our online language course, you can learn Italian without feeling unmotivated.

What can you expect to study at LinguaProf?

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, or you are advanced, we have the fitting teacher for you. Our teachers offer online language courses from the A1 level up to the C2 level. This way, studying Italian is accessible for any student who is looking for the perfect course. We offer multiple advantages:

  • Individual and group lessons. Gather your friends or colleagues and share the costs!
  • Online lessons from the comfort of your own home. Become an Italian expert from your couch.
  • Decide your own course. Only interested in certain topics, like business? No problem! Just let your teacher know.
  • Flexible hours. Our teachers are also available on the weekends and in the evenings.

The subjects you will study in an Italian course

What a lesson looks like is depending on your wishes. We can imagine that you need the course for a certain type of job or experience. Speaking Italian can elevate your travel experiences, job opportunities or even your social life. What are you going to use Italian for? Some examples of what we offer are:

Italian vocabulary

  • Introducing yourself
  • Telling a story
  • Making a request
  • And more…

Italian grammar

  • Nouns and adjectives
  • The present conditional
  • Exclamation
  • And more…

Italian skills

  • Pronunciation
  • Writing practice
  • Listening
  • And more…

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A selection of our tutors

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Experienced teacher graduated in Law offers law, finance and languages lessons

Diego G.

Speaks: English, Italian

I've always been active in the field of human rights with different study and volunteer projects and I would like to grow in a dynamic and international environment that cares about certain fields. I believe i am a good teacher thanks to the experience gained during my academic career and the various work activities carried out in which i’ve acquired deep and comprehensive knowledge in International Private law, Accounting, European Law, International finance and human resource/teaching. I am deeply interested in the legal and human aspect of companies, i also feel that the importance of collaboration is crucial to achieving high-quality work. In this way I learned the ability to collaborate and manage time and that the best service is the one rendered in favour of others with all our availability. Moreover, the openness of mind to an ethical debate generated by the multitude of diversity that characterizes a team can create the opportunity for discussions that turned out to be useful in formulating the best solution to eventual problems and for the implementation of the planned projects. I honestly believe that I am highly motivated for the challenge and I am eager to put in the practice all the knowledge gained at the University and in the work experience.


Italian teacher offers Italian and English (Basic-Intermediate) tutoring. tutoring

Sara D.

Speaks: English

Hi, I'm Sara! I'm Italian and I have a Master's degree in Foreign Literatures and Languages. I would love to help you discover my beautiful mother language and its rich culture. I'm also an experienced tutor in basic-intermediate English. Should you need that, upon request, I am available for tutoring in other humanistic subjects. I like to think of myself as a very organized but easygoing person at the same time. My hobbies are reading, baking, and practicing yoga. I really love studying and interacting with people from all over the world, that is why teaching languages is what suits me best! Thank you for your trust and I'm looking forward to meeting you!


Empowering Students to reach their Language Goals

Mariarosa P.

Speaks: English, Italian

I have been teaching and training young adults for several years now and these are my professional qualitifications: * Master in English Language and Literature (110+) * Italian Native, English C2 (CEFR) * Business English C2 (BEC, 2023) While teaching English, both Standard and Business, I love to include wider concepts about Cross-Cultural Awareness, Negotiation, Accountancy and other general business-related topics so that the Student can have an overall idea of different English-related topics and get tools to further investigate and learn I can teach Italian as well, I love our Italian Literature and I am willing to help you getting ready for your next exam ! Please contact me for any other details and I will certainly be happy to meet you online so Let's Get Ready for Your Success !


Guiding, Inspiring, Illuminating: Educating the Future!

Roberta G.

Speaks: English

Passionate teacher of history, philosophy, literature, and creative writing. With over 10 years of experience in teaching humanities subjects, I aim to stimulate students' intellectual curiosity and inspire them to explore the world through knowledge and creativity. I employ innovative and interdisciplinary teaching approaches to provide an engaging and meaningful educational experience. I am enthusiastic about sharing my passion for learning and guiding students on their journey of personal and academic growth.


Experienced Italian mother tongue teacher offers Italian language and Chinese language lessons

Italian Teacher Giacomo B.

Speaks: Italian, English

I graduated in Naples L’Orientale University as expert in Languages and Culture of Asia and Africa. I worked more than 10 years as PR, interpreter and teacher of Italian and Chinese in Italy, then I moved to China and I have worked in China for 10 years as teacher and PR.


Experienced electrical Engineer and English/Italian tutor

Mr. Marco B.

Speaks: English, Italian, Polish, Spanish

My name is Marco and I've been an online teacher for more than years. Before that, I’ve been working in a transformer’s factory as Design Manager and Testing Area Chief. I love to speak with people from different cultures, and I think that each lesson is a moment of growth for both tutor and learner. I teach in a quite informal context because I think that the lesson should be a moment of joy, when you learn something new with a clear mind. Moreover, I always try to contextualize my lessons according to the learner's passions and interests. Apart from teaching, I love to travel and to cook. In the past year, I joined the Masterchef Poland TV show and started to study in order to become an IT developer. I’m talkative and proactive, always ready for new adventures!


Certified Italian language Teacher with 7+ years’ experience. I know how to sound as a native-speaker

Ekaterina S.

Speaks: English, Italian

Hello all, my name is Katerina, an Italian philologist, teacher of Italian language with 7+ years of experience. I believe that learning foreign languages helps you expand your own boundaries and learn about the world. I myself speak 4 languages fluently: Russian, English, Italian and German and with the help of each language I get to know myself and my subpersonalities better. I can't imagine my life without traveling, especially in Italy. Over the last 10 years I have explored all of Italy from north to south and I would be happy to share my discoveries with you!


Italian native speaker with Classical Studies background, and Cambridge CPE, offers Italian and English online lessons

Mr Giovanni S.

Speaks: English, Italian, French, German

I come from an international academic curriculum, and languages have been part of my life since time immemorial. I hold a Bachelor's in International Studies and a Master's in International Relations, both comprising English, French, and German courses. The fires of my interest, however, have always been lit by English Romantic and Fantasy literature, of which I am a great aficionado, and linguistics, which I taught myself in my free time. Being an Italian native speaker, I can offer precious tutoring and knowledge on how Italian itself works as a language, but all of this is also built upon the solid foundation of my Classical background. I graduated in a Classical Lyceum, which is characterised by and peculiarly focussed on Italian, Latin, and Ancient Greek grammar. It unveiled to me basic notions and universal truths about languages in general and how they behave. Needless to say, it was all of extraordinary avail when I learnt German in university or perfected my English through either certificates or spontaneous reading.

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Carlo Bo Urbino

Bachelor's Degree in Foreign languages and cultures

Sep 2017 - Oct 2020

I've been studying Arabic language and Islamic culture in details. I've also studied English and French, though the primary language was arabic.


State University of Milan (UNIMI)

Master's Degree in International Relations (ENG)

Jan 2019 - Jul 2021

Its emphasis was on International Relations and Geopolitics, with secondary courses on Legal English, German, International Criminal Law, Humanitarian Law, Human Rights, and International Law of Commerce and Contracts. It provided me with ulterior linguistic knowledge and a deeper look into other cultures. Furthermore, the fact of it being an English-taught degree, led me to embark on a journey into academic English and specialised research.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.



Italian teacher

Sep 2017 - Mar 2020

During this period I gave italian language lessons to a bengalese family, helping also their children with their homework.




Jun 2018 - present

I also help people transcribing their file audio in any language they speak.


Prices online Italian lessons

The costs of lessons depend on the group size, location and topics.

Average price: 20.46EUR/h

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Italian private lessons

Emanuele T.

In these years of studying languages I have come to think that the best way to learn a language is speaking. Therefore my lessons will focus around this particular aspect of language learning.


Italian lessons for beginners

Amy O.

I received a C1 language certificate in Italian from Trinity College Dublin in 2021 and moved to Monza in Italy where I spent the last academic year. I also received a scholarship to study in Perugia for the summer of 2017. I offer Italian lessons for beginners where we will cover basic grammar and conversation.


Mother tongue

Italian Teacher Giacomo B.

I can speak correct Italian with excellent pronunciation.
I studied Italian literature and history for many years.
I have a deep knowledge of Italian culture.

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