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Are you tired of studying German by yourself? Most students experience a lack of motivation when they don’t have professional help in learning a language. LinguaProf is here to get you motivated with the right teacher! The course is available for every level, from A1 to C1: our teachers are here for you.

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If you told somebody years ago that learning a new language online would be this easy, they wouldn’t believe you. When studying with LinguaProf you will enjoy multiple benefits! We are here to make learning a new language not only easier, but also more fun.

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There are multiple jobs where speaking German could be of added value. As a translator, interpreter, publisher, tour guide and of course a flight attendant you can be confronted with German every day. At LinguaProf we think it is important that you know the German you need. Unnecessary information is a waste of your time. This is why you choose what you want to study.


  • Introduce yourself
  • People and hobbies
  • And more…


  • Telling about the past
  • Professions and activities
  • And more…


  • Time and activities
  • Reading
  • And more…


  • Cultural differences
  • Travel and trouble on holiday
  • And more…


  • Languages
  • Small talk
  • And more…

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A1&A2 Beginners online German tutor

Mr Shyam J.

Speaks: English, Tamil, German

I am from Chennai located in the southern part of India. I hold a B1 certification in German from Goethe Institute. I am also TEFL certified in English from TESOL Academy. I enjoy travelling, playing badminton and table tennis. Besides, I also enjoy reading crime fiction. I am also a virtual assistant in IT-services domain and work for several clients across Europe.


Expert in German and Spanish

Peter W.

Speaks: English

I am a teacher of German and Spanish, since 2005. At the start, I struggled also with some of the conventional methods of language learning “I am, you are, he/she/it is etc..”; Only until I devised my own innovative ways of making sense of it all, through memorable vocabulary building and simplifying grammar, could I make any progression. My method will hold your attention and more importantly, take you to a proficient level and through each phase of language acquisition. So step on board and try a lesson out and prove to yourself that you can do it with my guidance and clear instruction. I tailor my lessons to YOUR needs, be they lessons for school or university, state examinations, business or pleasure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained !


German Teacher with experience in teaching and translation

Miss Stacey J.

Speaks: English

My name is Stacey Johnston and I am a German Teacher from Northern Ireland. I completed my Diploma at University of Bristol, and studied at University of Heidelberg for my year abroad. I was an active member of my student society at university by being part of the student representative team, and some of the committees at my student union. I have experience teaching German at different levels and a Teaching Module in 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language' as part of my degree. Having lived in Germany is a huge advantage as a teacher, as I was able to develop my awareness of culture as well as language skills. I hope you enjoy having lessons with me. Stacey


Learn German from B2 TELC Qualified Teacher from München-Germany

Mr Mokhashaf M.

Speaks: English, German, French, Urdu

This is Mokhashaf Muntazir from "Online German Language University" your German Language Teacher. Are you tired of your bored job or you want to persue your education from Foregin Countrry, or you want to learn new language. Then we have got you. German Lanuage is the best tool which can fulfill your dreams. There are thousands of best paid Jobs in Pakistan which requires German Language and German Universities offers "Free" Studies too. The German Language is one of the difficult langauge in the world, but I gurantee you you will be able to be expert in this Language in just 3 Months*. We also offer Free Consultancy to get admissions in German Universities. German Language Courses offers: German Language A1 (Basically for Spouse Visa) German Language A1-B1 (For Medical, Engineering Students who wish to continue studies from Germany) German Language Pre-A1 (For Hobby, fun purposes) German Language Expert Level (For German Language Job finder) German Language for Kids (For kids Age 6-14) We also offer Online and Home German Language Services. Our Teacher is already German Language Teacher in 3 different Languages Centre in Karachi and have trained 30+ Students Worldwide. Do no hesitate to contact for Free Demo and more details. We have trained Dentists, Practicing Doctors, CA, Commercial Pilots, Economist.


German Courses Goethe Institute Standard A1 up to C2 medical and business possible

Corinna C.

Speaks: English, German

Motivational and dedicated. Encouraging and helpful. Personal and positive. Respectful and tolerant. Educated and serious. Interested and responsible. You will receive a highly professional German Class, using interactive digital books, audios, videos. Motivational and encouraging, guiding you towards your goal. Teaching for 18 years in the Middle East and globally. Holding an Emirate LLC educational license and Goethe certificate. I can as well do individual coaching towards your needs, prepare for exams etc. As well I can teach business and medical German, and I am well experienced to prepare Doctors for their work life in Germany. Dozens of positive references are available.


Experienced. German English teacher

Revd James-David C.

Speaks: English, German

Hello friends, I am a retired military chaplain. I retired early due to heart 💖 problems. Noe I am using my time to teach English and German. I have been teaching in German schools since 1989. I began as a teaching assistant at St Stephan Gymnasium in Augsburg. Throughout the years I have gained important experience. English is my mother tongue but when I speak German, people can't here that I am English. So I count German S a second mother tongue! I teach children from class 5-13 (Abitur) I also teach students and adults. If you require help from someone experienced and with moderate fees, then I'm your man. Please do get in touch! James+


German and Sociology graduate offering tutoring and essay writing assistance.

Rachel M.

Speaks: English

Hi everyone! I'm Rachel and I'm 21 years old. I have recently graduated from the University of Limerick with a degree in German and Sociology. I am passionate about learning languages, learning about new cultures and customs, as well as analyzing society, such as norms, values, and crimes. I have written a dissertation on the topic of hate crime legislation, such as hate crimes against specific minority communities in society. I am hoping to help people develop their language skills at their own pace and level while guiding them through my knowledge and experience along with the correct resources.


Oxford-educated and qualified German teacher

Yasmin F.

Speaks: German, English

Guten Tag! I studied German at Oxford University and later trained to teach languages. I have lived and worked in Germany and am bilingual. I’ve been tutoring for over 6 years and welcome students of all ages and abilities. Adult learners are very welcome. I can help you improve your exam grades, converse with business colleagues - or just start talking German - all my students speak German from their first lesson. Your introductory lesson is free and no obligation, so we can discuss your goals and I can put together a study plan that suits you. Contact me now and start straight away.

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Ekiti state university

Bsc health science

Apr 2008 - Jun 2012

I have c1 german




Mar 2019 - Mar 2019

Cleared the German TELC B2.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.




Sep 2017 - present

Grinds at both Junior and Leaving Cert level in both Spanish and German




Nov 2021 - Apr 2022



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Average price: 20.02EUR/h

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German Lessons

Miss Stacey J.

German lessons - grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary
Speaking practice
Listening practice


Learn German quick and easy

Julius E.

Native German speaker with a lot of knowledge how to teach and how you can understand easy and learn faster


German language and/or literature

Yasmin F.

Oxford-educated in German and French language and literature. Bilingual in German, due to living and working there. I'm a trained languages teacher and experienced tutor with a post-graduate qualification. Students of all ages and abilities welcome. Adult learners welcome.

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