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Do you live in Waterford or the surrounding area? Then today you are the lucky one, because LinguaProf offers German courses for young and old! Read more about what we can do for you!

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What topics will you learn in German lessons?

Each student can enjoy personalized lessons, we list some topics for you:

  • Grammar & vocabulary
  • Additional exercises
  • Cultural information
  • Listening, understanding and reading
  • Understanding basic/advanced/expert texts

Why choose LinguaProf in Tralee?

LinguaProf is a platform made for people who want to broaden their knowledge, we list some of the advantages:

  • The tutors are experienced professionals
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Why is it interesting to learn German?

German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe, Germany is also a very important hand partner for many companies. If you speak German, your job market is six times larger and you can work all over the world.

Is German difficult to learn?

It is very easy for Dutch people to learn German. In the beginning you have to pay a little attention to the pronunciation and the sentences can sometimes be difficult. But German is not a difficult language for Dutch people to learn, especially compared to, for example, French, American or Chinese.

How can you learn a new language quickly?

Learning a new language goes faster if you repeat what you have learned often. Link words to a context. For example, ask your host family to use a word in a sentence. This is a proven method for learning new words more easily.


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