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Are you planning to do a language certificate exam? Are you looking for a preparation? Would you like to have a teacher that could prepare you for your language certificate exams? LinguaProf offers you teachers who could provide you with practice and preparation for your important exam! So join our team and improve your skills.

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Beginner level A1

You will understand everyday expressions and use basic phrases. You will be able to introduce yourself, ask basic questions about personal details and other simple things.

Elementary A2

You will understand frequently used expressions. You will be able to speak very basic personal and family information. You will communicate and talk about shopping, restaurant orders, geography, describe your background and others.

Intermediate B1

You will understand standard conversations. You will be able to talk about work, school, hobbies, family, and yourself. Your conversational level will be on a higher level, where you describe your dreams, events, or explain plans.

Upper-Intermediate B2

You will understand the main topics, talk and communicate on a high level and understand abstract topics. You will be able to interact fluently and read detailed text.

Advanced C1

You will understand long texts and difficult conversations. You will be able to express yourself fluently. You will be able to use professional vocabulary for higher purposes.

Proficiency C2

You will understand everything. Your conversational skills will be spontaneous and use even more complex vocabulary.

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You can have preparation for the language certificate exam online

LinguaProf offers you to learn from home, office, and anywhere you are. Practicing from home gives you a lot of benefits but make sure to prepare main things for it:

  • A computer
  • An internet connection
  • A video communication platform
  • A camera
  • A microphone

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Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Universidad de A Coruña

Master in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Sep 2021 - Jun 2022

This Master gave me the necessary knowledge and skills to teach EFL (English as a Foreign Language). I attended courses such as methodologies for language teaching, didactics, ressources and materials, psyschology and development of students, grammar, culture. As a final project for the Master, I created a didactic unit in which I use and integrative approach of the five skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing and mediation) to enhance motivation in the EFL lessons.


università degli studi di Torino

Languages and culture for Tourism / Foreign languages for international communication

Oct 2021 - present

In my first degree ( Languages and Culture for Tourism) I learned more deeply the history of my territory in Italy, with costums and tradition. As well, i learned Spanish, both the language and its culture and its most important authors. In this course, I started to study also economics and marketing, two subjects that I decided to continue to study in the second degree ( Foreign Languages for international Communication). In those last two years, I continued to study Spanish as second language and in addition, I chose some courses oriented to the marketing and informatics section because i believe that are helpful to grow new skills nowadays.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


Academie Lafayette

Internship French Assistant USA

Aug 2021 - Mar 2022

I was a french assistant in a french immersion school in the USA. I was helping and tutoring children (5 to 12 years old) with french and I was working with 5 different teachers.


Generation for Change, Cuprus

Greek Language Instructor

Mar 2021 - Jun 2021

Teaching Greek as a Second/Foreign Language


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