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Are you looking for a teacher to help you out in your business language in Russian? Then you are at the right address. Russian is the eighth most-spoken language in the world with 154 million native speakers. This makes Russian an interesting choice career wise. It will make you stand out to future employers or clients. Are you ready to learn it with us?

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Studying with LinguaProf means that you are in charge. The course will completely be up to you. You decide how, what, and when you study with our advantages.

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Available for adults and companies

The course is available for you as a professional alone or with a team. There are multiple advantages in both ways. Gathering colleagues could reduce the costs while studying alone makes you decide your own pace. Think about what you need for your new language course and let us know!

Greet your colleagues

In every language, it is important to know the difference between the formal way of greeting someone and the informal way. When working in business with Russian colleagues, you should be respectful and use the formal way.

Formal greetings:

Hello – Zdravstvuyte

Dobroye utro – Good morning

Dobryy den – Good afternoon

Kak vashi dela? – How are you doing?

Pass your job interview

Now that you have said hello, can you answer some of these job interview questions? Don’t panic if you don’t know it yet; we will guide you in the course.

Pochemu Vy khotite zdes’ rabotat’? – Why do you want to work here?

Kak Vy spravlyayetes’ s davleniyem? – How do you handle pressure?

Pochemu my dolzhny vzyat’ na rabotu Vas? – Why should we hire you?

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