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Online English language courses at LinguaProf

What does it mean to choose online courses at LinguaProf? We want you to feel flexible in all ways. That is why we offer you learning remotely. You have the opportunity to learn from the office, home, cafeteria, or anywhere you want to. It is a good way for those, who don't have time or want to learn from their favourite environment. Make sure to have prepared these things for online lessons:

  • A computer
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  • Communication platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Teams…
  • An internet connection

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LinguaProf offers you to learn and improve at all levels. That means we don't care if you are a beginner, advanced or professional. If you require help with pronunciation, grammar, or writing, we are here for you. See from which levels you can choose:

  • Beginner: A1, A2
  • Intermediates: B1, B2
  • Advanced: C1, C2

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Learning Spanish with Teacher Melissa

Spanish Teacher Melissa R.

Speaks: English, Spanish

Spanish Teacher with 10 years of experience gives Spanish daily Lessons using communication methods! I adapt my lessons according to student's interests and needs. I approach a subject with flexibility. My Teaching methods are based on language development, so I like to use techniques from the TPR method, communication techniques, Audiovisual method. I base my classes on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using technologies, cognitive games and useful materials for the learning.


Innovative and enjoyable method of learning

Lina D.

Speaks: English

Hello, my name is Lina and I am 26 years old. Since I was a university student, I decided to pursue my career in teaching. Because I love sharing my knowledge and communicating with people from all around the world. I developed an enjoyable and innovative method for you and looking forward to sharing it!


Experienced Teacher from Lahore offers Biology ,Botany and G.Science Concepts.

Lecturer Samira B.

Speaks: English, Urdu, Punjabi

●I samira Masters in Botany as a Gold Medalist with 6 years of teaching experience in the field of Biology and Sciences. ●Incharge- Grow Green Club( British Council ISA) ●Equipped with Digital skills. ●Certified Online Tutor ● Teach students with tricks and tips to remember difficult concepts. ●Enthusiastic teacher to Grow professionally. ●Enable students to compete effectively. ● Enable students to become a competent civilians. ● Utilise 4Cs in a lesson plan to implement Blooms taxonomy effectively.


German Teacher with experience in teaching and translation

Miss Stacey J.

Speaks: English

My name is Stacey Johnston and I am a German Teacher from Northern Ireland. I completed my Diploma at University of Bristol, and studied at University of Heidelberg for my year abroad. I was an active member of my student society at university by being part of the student representative team, and some of the committees at my student union. I have experience teaching German at different levels and a Teaching Module in 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language' as part of my degree. Having lived in Germany is a huge advantage as a teacher, as I was able to develop my awareness of culture as well as language skills. I hope you enjoy having lessons with me. Stacey


Experienced electrical Engineer and English/Italian tutor

Mr. Marco B.

Speaks: English, Italian, Polish, Spanish

My name is Marco and I've been an online teacher for more than years. Before that, I’ve been working in a transformer’s factory as Design Manager and Testing Area Chief. I love to speak with people from different cultures, and I think that each lesson is a moment of growth for both tutor and learner. I teach in a quite informal context because I think that the lesson should be a moment of joy, when you learn something new with a clear mind. Moreover, I always try to contextualize my lessons according to the learner's passions and interests. Apart from teaching, I love to travel and to cook. In the past year, I joined the Masterchef Poland TV show and started to study in order to become an IT developer. I’m talkative and proactive, always ready for new adventures!


Experienced teacher from Madrid offers Spanish lessons one-to-one

Sheila M.

Speaks: English, Spanish

I am a Spanish woman who has been teaching for several years. I love Education, I love teaching and I love learning with my students. I think everyone has something to discover, to teach, to learn and to love. Beautiful minds inspire others, and I hope my mind could inspire yours one and vice versa. If you need help with another subject, I am able to help you. I have offered one to one classes for the last 10 years and my students were happy with me.


“I’ve come too far to quit.”

Misael N.

Speaks: English, Simple English, Portuguese, Portugal, Portuguese, Brazil

I'm a Brazilian Graphic designer who just came to Dublin, and I am looking for my first job here in Europe, I study graphic design since 2013 and have had professional experience since 2015, I am experienced with cartoons, photoshop, logos design, prints, and visual aesthetics. I've been working as a freelancer since 2015, usually with logo and banner work for Facebook, YouTube, photo editing for Instagram, and others, but I've also done aesthetic work for online stores, and lately, I've been working with cartoons. Portfolio:


Bilingual Bachelors language student offers English and Spanish tutoring

Paula Lily H.

Speaks: English

Hi! I’m 21, from London and native in both English and Spanish, I received an A in my Spanish A-level. I have spent the last couple of years perfecting my German, too. I am available for tutoring or speaking sessions for a range of ages ☺️ Currently working as an aupair, I get along great with kids!

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Liceo G. Piazzi - Lena Perpenti, Sondrio, Italy

Classical Lyceum diploma (Maturità Classica, ITA)

Sep 2008 - Jun 2013

It was a five-year Classical Studies curriculum, comprising extensive Latin and Ancient Greek courses, alongside Italian, English, Philosophy, History, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. It equipped me with a formidable backbone of knowledge, which later served me to hone my Italian and English grammatical/linguistics skills.


Cambridge English Assessment

TKT Module 1,2 and 3

Mar 2013 - Jan 2014

I learnt how to manage better the classroom, in terms of lesson planning, engaging with the students and distribution of activities as the class goes by and before it.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


SKS365 Malta Limited

Freelance legal translator

Jan 2020 - present

Soon after my graduation, I was contacted by the company SKS365 Malta Limited, a betting company, for the translation and certification of a series of legal documents, an event that established a professional collaboration that goes on to this day. The experience with SKS365 Malta Limited is surely the most significative one in terms of professional growth. Consisting in the translation of legal documentation such as procedures, financial statements, disputes and so forth, often with fast and punishing deadlines, it taught me how to work under a considerable amount of pressure andensuring precision and punctuality.



AR-IT Interpreter

Jan 2021 - present

I work as a freelancer translator from any language (between English, French, Spanish and Arabic) to Italian.


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25 eur/hour

Maryam A.

I have an IELTS score of 8.0 and a Duolingo score of 140. I have also worked online and in-person with students to help improve their English. Additionally, I have years of content writing experience.


Innovative and enjoyable method of learning

Lina D.

I have been teaching English for 6 years now and my students have pursued their goals and careers from middle-level management positions to the top management, heads of companies, business people and they are going for even more, that makes me proud!


Private English Lessons

Dr. Gabrielle D.

I can work with all levels from starters to B2 Upper-Intermediate.
Experience as an online English tutor, with all the mentioned levels and students of all ages from 6 to 40 years old.

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