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Are you looking for a course to learn Mandarin Chinese? This language is a very popular language. With four different tones and 50,000 different characters, you might want some help in learning Mandarin. To help you stay motivated, we offer a language course for becoming a real Mandarin expert.

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But why would you choose to study with LinguaProf? We offer you multiple benefits so that the course is personalized to you. We do this to help you stay motivated in learning a new language. Furthermore, we offer you: 

  • You get to decide your own subjects. Languages can be learned for certain purposes. With communicating your preferences beforehand, you prevent studying unnecessary information.
  • Take classes from skilled teachers. Our teachers are selected on their experience. They are competent and can teach you anything about Mandarin Chinese.
  • Lessons for groups and individuals. It doesn’t matter if you are a solo student or maybe even a team in a company: you decide the size of the group you study with.

Online or offline Mandarin Chinese course

Times like these have proven that working and studying can be very flexible. Students have created their preference towards online classes or in person. Because of the multiple preferences, we have created the choice between online or offline classes. Take Mandarin Chinese lessons through Skype, Zoom, Teams, and more in the comfort of your own home. Or do you rather meet in person? Your teacher will be assigned based on your liking. 

How well is your Chinese right now?

Before you start your course, it is wise to determine at what level you are starting. This way, your teacher knows what materials they should hand you to get a higher level of Mandarin. Below, you will find the terms we work with to establish your Mandarin right now.


At this level, you master basic Mandarin. You will probably understand basic phrases and expressions. You can introduce yourself and can interact in a simple way.


When you have a B level, you are an independent user of Mandarin. This means that you understand the main points of standard input, and you can deal with most situations where the language is spoken.


The advanced level is C1/C2. In this, you are a proficient user of Mandarin. You understand demands, longer texts and can implicit meaning. You express yourself fluently.

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Learning with LinguaProf is done in three simple steps:

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  2. Tell us what you want to study and what level you currently have.
  3. Get your teacher assigned and start taking lessons.

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3 simple steps to start your lessons!

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A selection of our tutors

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Experienced teacher offers mandarin lessons.

Demi Z.

Speaks: English, Japanese, Chinese, Simplified

Passionate Chinese teacher with more than four years of experience. Highly skilled at developing diverse curriculums and motivating students. Reliable and dedicated to helping students develop strong language skills. Hold Certificate of TCSOL. Achieved an MBA degree and have two year’s experience as an internal auditor at a state-owned enterprise in China. Fluent in Chinese, Japanese, English. Currently studying Master in Education at Trinity College Dublin.


Have fun with your pain

Shay S.

Speaks: English, Chinese, Simplified

BA in Chinese literature and language MA in International Relations IELTS Academic 8.0 (listening, reading 9.0) Experienced teacher, provided English lessons to school kids, prepared lesson plans and teaching materials, taught in a highly engaging and small-class setting


Experienced teacher from China offers Mandarin Chinese lessons

Wen L.

Speaks: English, Spanish, Chinese, Simplified, Chinese, Traditional

I am a dedicated and motivated teacher with a passion for teaching Mandarin Chinese and sharing Chinese culture. Living in Irealnd for 2 years, I have a deeper understanding of both Chinese culture and Western cuture, and I also have honed my skills in Mandarin Chinese Teaching. I thrive in fast-paced environments and am known for my ability to communicate with different kinds of students based on their own individualities. I am deeply committed to delivering high-quality classes and exceeding expectations. I am excited about the opportunity to know more students who are interested in Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture. I am confident that my skills and experience contribute to a great time with you, and I look forward to knowing more about you.


A native Chinese speaker lived in Shanghai for more than 30 years

Jingdong W.

Speaks: English, Chinese, Simplified, Chinese, Traditional

Master Mandarin with an enthusiastic native Chinese tutor! I create fun, personalized lessons tailored to your interests, needs, and goals. My flexible teaching style & creative lesson plans help students quickly gain real-world language abilities - reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills improved through games, conversation, media & more in a supportive environment.


Easy to learn, happy to grow

Lili J.

Speaks: English, Chinese, Simplified

HI, I'm Lili. I am a certified Mandarin teacher and Chinese is my native language. I am currently a graduate student in the Sociology Department at Trinity University, and I studied film arts in China as an undergraduate. I have a wide range of interests and can communicate with you on a variety of topics to improve your Mandarin. If you want to learn Mandarin and learn about Chinese culture, please contact me!

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Dublin City University

Applied Languages and Translation Studies

Sep 2013 - Jun 2017

I took modules in Spanish translation, culture, history and grammar. This gave me a full immersion into the Spanish language and allows me to teach classes with a rounded knowledge of the country.


isp bukavu

Langues, la langue française

Oct 2014 - Oct 2016

After the degree I understood the French language and method to teach different languages


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


Language trainers in Canada

Spanish Teacher or Spanish Tutor

Mar 2019 - Dec 2020

I was a private Spanish Teacher. I create my lesson plans, evaluate my students.



English Teacher

Mar 2020 - May 2020

Volunteer teacher in Ghana. I have experience teaching other languages as english to children.


Prices Mandarin Chinese course

The costs of lessons depend on the group size, location and topics.

Average price: 22.97EUR/h

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Specialized teachers for any subject

We have teachers available for most subjects! Fill in a request and we provide you with a tailored course to your needs!


Fluent Chinese

Italian Teacher Giacomo B.

I studied Chinese, Chinese philology, Chinese history and literature in the university.
I have practiced Chinese for 25 years.
I have lived and worked in China for 10 years.
I have a good knowledge of Chinese culture.


E.g.: Master student offers chinese language classes.

Juntao L.

I am a Chinese and have a Chinese teacher qualification certificate.Has many years of teaching experience in China.


Native Chinese Teacher offers Mandarin Chinese Classes

Wen L.

I was born and raised in China, and I lived in China for 26 years before coming to Ireland. I have a master degree in Language Education from Trinity College Dublin and the Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (CTCSOL). I worked as a Mandarin Chinese Teacher and a English-Chinese Translator/Interperter for 2 years in Ireland.

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