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The Greek language is one of the oldest and most diverse languages in the world. It is not easy to learn and it is a must to practice and study intensively. Are you looking for a greek tutor? Would you like to learn a new language or maybe just improve? Greek is a fascinating language with a rich history and LinguaProf is ready to help you practice and improve.

Are you asking why should you learn a greek language?

The Greek language is one of the foundations of Western culture, it influences several language in the Romance family. It is understandable that it maybe not be the most necessary language to you, but it might help understand languages in general and serve some function for you. See what are the advantages of learning Greek:

  • The Greek language speaks a lot of people in different countries, which can help you in traveling
  • It is one of the oldest languages
  • It might help you with understanding other cultures and languages
  • Greek is an amazing language with a very rich history

Qualified tutors and flexible times of your lessons

LinguaProf is ready to welcome you with as many benefits as possible. We want to take care of you and your studies. Here you can read the advantages of our language courses:

  • Verified tutors: we select tutors based on an interview, resume, and work experience
  • Individual courses: you can decide to learn your language alone just with your teacher
  • Group courses: you can choose to learn with your friends or other people together
  • Online courses: to make your studies comfortable, you can learn from wherever you are
  • In-person mode: you can attend classes and meet your teacher face-to-face
  • Flexibility: you can choose your own time of classes

Choose the level of a Greek language you want to learn

With LinguaProf you can learn different levels of the language. Firstly, think about how much advanced you are. We don't care if you are a beginner or native speaker, if you need a help, LinguaProf is here to help, no matter what level you speak. Choose from levels:

  • A1, A2, which is the basic level, beginners
  • B1, B2, which is an intermediate level
  • C1, C2, which is an advanced level

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Greek teacher from Greece 🇬🇷

Konstantina A.

Speaks: English

I am Greek and have a diploma in French. I can teach beginners Greek and French. with a lot of material. online and at flexible hours. I help in learning the language mainly to employees who do not have time to go to schools for this and I make it possible to have availability in the evening and on the weekend. If you choose me as your teacher, we will do a lesson, to present you the lesson plan and adapt it to your own needs.


But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

Despoina M.

Speaks: English, Greek

teacher from Greece offers greek language lessons. Bachelor in Greek Archaeology and History of Art Master in History of Art Certificate for teaching students with learning difficulties Experience over 15 years of teaching ancient greek language, greek history, greek philosophy, greek literature


Experienced tutor offers biology lessons

Stamatia T.

Speaks: English

Hello! Welcome to my profile! My name is Stamatia (but you can call me Tina for short)! I have a master's in Neuroscience from Trinity College Dublin and a Bachelor's in Molecular biology and genetics from Democritus University of Thrace! I have been teaching for 5 years both privately and in private schools and I have help over 35 students achieve their goals and enter their dream 3rd education degree! My work is always personalized and very specific to the student I teach and by attending severel conferences regarding students psychology I am in position to understand the needs and wants of my students! Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions!

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


University of Oxford

German and French Language and Literature

Sep 1981 - Jun 1985

German and French language and literature - with a distinction in spoken German.


ELE Baires

Spanish Teacher as a Foreign Language

Sep 2021 - Jun 2022

The wide-ranging subjects involved in the training included online practises with foreign students, which were undoubtedly the most rewarding experience during the process. Furthermore, it included teaching skills to empower the student's skills to learn a language. For that, I learned to develop different content to make sure the lessons include writing, reading, and listening besides the general use of Spanish.


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Average price: 25.36EUR/h

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Μαθήματα Ελλήνων

Konstantina A.

I have volunteer experience 4 years. I help children as well as adults to learn the Greek language, at a satisfactory level. Primarily to use it in their everyday life.


Mastering Greek Language and Culture with a Native Speaker’s Expertise.

Helen C.

I am a native Greek speaker with extensive experience in teaching the Greek language to students of various levels. My background includes:

Language Proficiency: Native proficiency in Greek, with deep understanding of its linguistic nuances, grammar, and vocabulary. Fluent in English, which aids in effectively teaching Greek to English-speaking students.
Cambridge Certificate: Holder of the Cambridge Certificate, demonstrating advanced proficiency and a strong command of the language.
Teaching Experience: Several years of experience in teaching Greek to both beginners and advanced learners, focusing on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Tailored lessons to meet individual student needs and learning styles.
Cultural Immersion: Emphasized cultural aspects of the Greek language, incorporating history, traditions, and modern-day contexts into lessons to provide a comprehensive learning experience.
Curriculum Development: Developed structured curricula for different proficiency levels, including interactive exercises, practical applications, and real-life scenarios to enhance language acquisition.
Language Courses and Translations: Provided translation services and language courses online, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for students worldwide. Experienced in preparing students for language proficiency exams and certifications.
Interactive Teaching Methods: Utilized various teaching aids and technologies, such as multimedia resources, language apps, and online platforms, to create engaging and effective learning environments.
Student Support: Offered continuous support and feedback to students, helping them overcome challenges and achieve their language learning goals. Encouraged practice and immersion through conversation clubs and cultural events.

This comprehensive experience in teaching Greek allows me to provide high-quality language instruction, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of the Greek language and culture among my students.


Greek lessons

Niki P.

I'm a qualified and experienced grek tutor and I can help you either my methods to experience the greek language and achieve your goal.

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