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Konnichiwa! Are you looking for a course to teach you all about the business language of Japan? We offer courses at all levels, from A1 to C2. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner of advanced, we can upgrade your level of Japanese. Are you joining us in our business course?

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Studying with LinguaProf makes learning a new language easy. We offer multiple benefits so that you can take quality lessons in any language that you want to grow in. The advantages are:

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Get to know the basic phrases

Before you start your new language course, we want to introduce you to some useful phrases you might have to use. Our teachers will exactly explain to you when you use what phrase in your work life.

Ohayou gozaimasu – Good morning

Osewai ni natte orimasu – Thank you for your kind cooperation. I appreciate your cooperation.

Otsukare sama desu – Good work, thanks for the hard work

Sumimasen, ima ojikan daijoubu desu ka – Excuse me, is now a good time?

Arigatou gozaimasu – Thank you very much

Itte mairi masu – See you later

Cultural differences between Japan and Ireland

When working in Japan or with people from Japan, it is very important to keep their culture in mind. Ireland and Japan have important cultural differences who influence the work environment. In Japan, the hierarchy is strong. They differentiate roles between senior, senpai, and junior, kouhai. As a kouhai, it is expected from you to have a certain level of respect for your senpais.

They treat their work hours different as well. While working overtime is possible in Ireland, in Japan it is part of daily life. This way you show your coworkers that you are a very hard worker. Want to know more about these differences? Sign up for LinguaProf!

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