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Annyeong! At LinguaProf we offer business courses in various language for you to upgrade your resume. Are you looking for business classes in Korean? Then you are at the right address! Speaking Korean will make you stand out to your future employer, for sure. Join us in our business course.

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Cultural differences between Korea and Ireland

The Korean business culture is very different from the Irish. Having a proper look into their culture is mandatory before you start doing business. Look into their values, as being formal and social hierarchies. But keep in mind that being friendly is really important!

Job titles and departments in Korean

Are you looking for somebody or a department? In business culture, it is common to interact with different people. It is mandatory to know what department is necessary to reach your goals. Are any of the jobs listed below useful to know for you?

Important job titles:

Deputy – Daeri

Section manager – Gwajang

Department head – Bujang

Important departments:

Human resources – Insabu

Financing department – Jaemubu

IT department – Jeonsanbu

Research department – Yeongubu

Planning department – Gihoekbu

Useful vocabulary for your business adventure

Besides jobs and departments, there are multiple terms that you might use on a daily basis. Having a meeting or joining your colleague for a trip is something you might do on the regular. We would like to advise you to get to know the basics first, so you come across more professional.

For example:

Meeting – Hoeui

Trade – Gyoyek

Business trip – Chuljang

Business card – Myeongham

Deal – Georae

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