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Hola. Are you looking for a unique way to upgrade your resume? Learning Spanish can open up new doors for you in the business field. You can participate in other sides of your job or travel to meet customers. We can help you achieving these goals.

The advantages of studying with LinguaProf

Studying Spanish has a lot of benefits on its own. You want to do this with a company that is specialized in meeting your needs. We aim to help you stay motivated and keep your goals in mind. We do this by providing:

  • Group lessons and individual lessons.
  • Matching with a teacher quickly.
  • Classes in evenings and weekends as well.
  • And more..

Get to know business Spanish with a quality guarantee

We make sure that what you learn with us, is useful and legit. We do this by interviewing every teacher with our quality points in mind. We look for competence and teaching experience. After we have approved them, we will put you in contact with the teacher that will meet all your needs.

Business Spanish on all levels

At LinguaProf, we offer language classes for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or that you are advanced, we will bring you to the next level in the language of choice. What level are you at currently?


In this level, you know some basic phrases and words; but you aren’t capable yet of keeping up conversations.


When you have reached the B level, you are becoming an independent speaker. You can keep up conversation and let other people know what you want.


If you have reached this level, you are fluent in business Spanish. But there is always a lot to learn!

Start with the basics!

Even though we offer classes at all levels, we want to help the beginners with some basics first. How many of these did you know already?


Hola – hello

Buenos días – good morning

Buanas tardes – good afternoon

Buenas noches – good evening


Oficina – office

Personal – staff

Reunión – meeting

Jefe – boss

Empresa – company

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Prices for corporate Spanish courses

The costs of lessons depend on the group size, location and topics.

Average price: 19.92EUR/h

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