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Is a German language a second language in school and you need help to do assignments, homework or prepare for the exams? Would you like to learn german from scratch? Maybe you are looking for a private tutor to practice and progress? LinguaProf focuses on advantages for students, who want to have flexible and customized courses. Join our team and see your improvements!

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Our platform is offering a student a lot of advantages to creating a nice environment and flexible learning. With us, you can learn wherever you are with whoever you want. LinguaProf offers you customized classes and much more. See below:

  • Professional teacher, who will be selected based on your knowledge and needs
  • Flexible classes, you can select when you want to study
  • Personalized classes, based on your demands your teacher will teach you
  • Online courses, you can select to learn remotely
  • In face-to-face courses, you can meet your teacher in person
  • In group courses, you can learn together with more people
  • Free registration on our website
  • Safe payment

Improve your German as a beginner or advanced, just choose your level

LinguaProf offers you to choose your level of knowledge. Our teachers are prepared to help you even if you start from scratch, so don't worry! They are prepared with the necessary materials for you. See from which levels you can choose and what do they mean:

  • A1: a basic level
  • A2: elementary level
  • B1: intermediate level
  • B2: upper-intermediate level
  • C1: advanced level
  • C2: level of command of the language in complex situations

If you choose to have online courses, make sure you are prepared

You have the opportunity to choose online courses, which means you can learn from wherever you are. It is a comfortable way to learn from home or office for those, who don't have time to attend classes in person. Make sure to have prepared these things to start your lesson:

  • A computer or other electronic device
  • A stable internet connection
  • A camera
  • A microphone
  • A Skype, Zoom, Teams, or FaceTime…

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A selection of our tutors

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Engineer in Energy systems, Experienced teatcher in Mathematics

Mohamadi E.

Speaks: Arabic, German, English, French

Empowering Industries, Bridging Continents: A Dual-Continent Engineer with Expertise in Energy Systems, Industry Management, and Petro-Chemical Projects. From Morocco to Germany, Fusing Precision with Excellence. Your Trusted Guide in Engineering Excellence. Also, Nurturing Minds: A Passionate Mathematics Educator for Graduate Students, Illuminating the Path to Academic Success.


Expert in German and Spanish

Peter W.

Speaks: English

I am a teacher of German and Spanish, since 2005. At the start, I struggled also with some of the conventional methods of language learning “I am, you are, he/she/it is etc..”; Only until I devised my own innovative ways of making sense of it all, through memorable vocabulary building and simplifying grammar, could I make any progression. My method will hold your attention and more importantly, take you to a proficient level and through each phase of language acquisition. So step on board and try a lesson out and prove to yourself that you can do it with my guidance and clear instruction. I tailor my lessons to YOUR needs, be they lessons for school or university, state examinations, business or pleasure. Nothing ventured, nothing gained !

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Royal Irish Academy of Music

RIAM Pianoforte Grade Eight Honours

Feb 2010 - Sep 2018

Classical training with good teachers, all the requisite technical skills and practices, and general knowledge of music theory. I can apply this knowledge in particular to classical training or learning with the intention to sit graded piano exams.


Yarmouk University

BA in Business / minor English literature

Oct 1989 - Jan 1993

Though I specialised in Business, I have always loved languages and at university I took English as a minor field, so I took many courses in translation, grammar, phonetics, literature and writing.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


Inlingua Frieburg

Online Business English Language Trainer

Jan 2018 - present

planning, preparing and delivering lessons. preparing teaching materials. helping students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in individual and group sessions. checking and assessing students' work, and providing feedback.


Prices German grinds

The costs of lessons depend on the group size, location and topics.

Average price: 19.14EUR/h

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Specialized teachers for any subject

We have teachers available for most subjects! Fill in a request and we provide you with a tailored course to your needs!


Insegnante di tedesco

Stefania B.

Laureata in Lingue con il massimo dei voti e con un periodo di studio all' estero presso l' Università di Monaco di Baviera, la LMU. Insegno tedesco attraverso un metodo pratico, logico e semplice per velocizzarne l'apprendimento. Insegno anche letteratura tedesca presso una scuola privata di Roma. Sono formatrice e coordinatrice del corpo docenti di tedesco e direttrice del dipartimento di tedesco in lingua spagnola.


Native speaker offers German classes for beginners to intermediate.

Noemie H.

I am a native German speaker with an affinity for languages. I also have three years of experience in teaching languages.


Einzeln- und Gruppenunterricht von Erwachsenen

Julia I.

Im Bereich des Einzelunterrichts habe ich umfassende Erfahrung gesammelt, indem ich mich gezielt auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse und Fortschritte meiner Schüler eingestellt habe. Diese personalisierte Herangehensweise ermöglicht es mir, den Unterricht präzise auf die Lernziele und Schwierigkeitsgrade jedes Einzelnen abzustimmen. Meine Schüler schätzen besonders die maßgeschneiderte Betreuung, die nicht nur ihr Verständnis der deutschen Sprache fördert, sondern auch ihr Selbstvertrauen stärkt.

Im Gegensatz dazu stellt der Gruppenunterricht eine faszinierende Herausforderung dar, bei der es darum geht, eine dynamische und interaktive Lernumgebung zu gestalten, von der alle Schüler profitieren können. In dieser Umgebung habe ich meine Fähigkeiten als Organisator und Motivator weiterentwickelt, um sicherzustellen, dass der Unterricht für alle Beteiligten ansprechend und effektiv ist.

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