Learn German at A1 level: Beginner

Do you want to start with learning German? The A1 course of LinguaProf is the best option for you! We offer courses for every designated level, including the beginner course of A1. You will learn the basic grammar rules, your first vocabulary, and you will receive tips about how to learn a new language.

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LinguaProf offers many benefits for students from every age. Our platform is specialized in making sure every student takes the most advantage out of their course. See here more advantages of studying at LinguaProf:

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All German levels we offer at our language courses

We offer a large variety of language levels. Every language level consists of different aspects, which can be found below:

A1 – beginner

  • Basic grammar
  • Verbs
  • Introducing yourself
  • And more…

A2 - Elementary

  • Vocabulary extension
  • Hobbies and sports
  • Talking in the past tense
  • And more…

B1 – intermediate

  • Time and calendar
  • Reading texts
  • Having a small conversation
  • And more…

B2 – Upper – intermediate

  • More advanced vocabulary
  • Having conversations
  • Expressing your opinion
  • And more…

C1 - Advanced

  • Speaking with native speakers
  • Flexible in using language
  • And more…

Online learning at our German language course

Learning online provides you with a lot of advantages. You will be able to work from the comfort of your own home, with a lot of flexibility and not travel expenses. See here what you need to consider when starting with an online course:

  • Working computer or laptop
  • Stable internet connection
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Online communication tool
    • Zoom, Teams, or Skype

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Language Student offers Spanish, English and German tutoring A1-B1

Mihai Stefan B.

Speaks: English, Spanish, German

I am a friendly, open minded , curious person who loves learning new things. I also believe that everything we know, we have to share with the world, given the fact that I am a strong believer that our mission is to create a better world and empower people.


First class graduate offers dissertation help.

Noemie H.

Speaks: English, German, French

Working from a person-centred approach, my lessons are tailored to my students' needs and wishes. Together, we identify the students' goals and how to reach them. I have over five years of experience in working with people and teaching, including tutoring lessons, and I am very passionate about accompanying people on their journey through education. Sometimes, writing a dissertation can be very daunting, and I want to show my students that it does not have to be and that they can take a great reward out of it. I can humbly say that I very much enjoy academic work, which showed in me being awarded an Academic Excellence Award as the best student in my year when I graduated from my course in Outdoor Education.

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.




Aug 2016 - Dec 2018

Initially the course seeks to establish a foundation in useful Japanese to help settle in to life in Japan and aims for N5 level JLPT.


University College of Cork

Bachelor of Arts International (European Studies and German)

Sep 2021 - present

Hello, I'm Sofia (Italian Native-speaker), and I'm excited to help you excel in English, German, Italian, Spanish, History, and Geography. With a strong academic foundation and a passion for teaching, I'm confident that I can help you to succeed. Academic Excellence: I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in European Studies and German from the prestigious University College of Cork, where I achieved for two years consecutive, 1st Class Honors distinction. My deep knowledge of European Studies, History, and languages—Italian, English, Spanish, and German—enables me to provide comprehensive tutoring in these subjects. Language Proficiency: My proficiency in multiple languages facilitates effective language learning. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your language skills, I'm here to make the journey enjoyable and productive. History and Geography: I'm enthusiastic about history and geography and believe that learning about the past and the world we live in can be both fascinating and rewarding. I'm well-versed in these subjects and can help you understand complex concepts with ease. Teaching Approach: My teaching style is tailored to your specific needs and learning style. I'm patient, friendly, and committed. Whether you're struggling with a particular topic or aiming for top grades, I'll provide the support you need. Academic Support: I have experience in academic support, including assisting with homework assignments, developing study routines, and enhancing time management skills. My goal is not only to help you achieve your academic goals but also to foster a genuine passion for the subjects we explore together. Skills for Success: Alongside my academic achievements, I possess skills like problem-solving, time management, and punctuality, which are essential for successful learning. During my time as a childminder for an Irish family, I had the privilege of providing attentive and nurturing care to three children, each spanning a wide age range from 10 years to 6 months. This experience was a testament to my dedication to fostering a safe and enriching environment for young minds to thrive. I not only ensured their safety and well-being but also actively engaged with them in their academic pursuits. Assisting them with homework assignments, offering guidance, and providing encouragement were essential aspects of my role. This support resulted in measurable improvements in their academic performance. In addition to academic support, I also established effective study routines and helped them develop essential time management skills. This hands-on experience gave me valuable insights into tailoring teaching methods to individual learning styles, ensuring that each child reached their full potential. My academic background, including my Bachelor of Arts degree with a 1st Class Honors distinction in European Studies and German in my second year, equips me with the knowledge and expertise to provide high-quality instruction. I believe that combining my academic achievements with my nurturing and supportive teaching approach creates a unique and effective learning experience for my students. If you're looking for a tutor who not only understands the academic challenges students face but also has the patience and skills to guide them to success, I'm here to help. Together, we can navigate the complexities of learning and achieve your educational goals.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


CK Leader, Poland

English Teacher

Jun 2021 - Jun 2023

As an English teacher at a private school in Poland, my job involved delivering high-quality instruction to students in the English language. I was responsible for planning and implementing engaging lessons that catered to the specific needs and proficiency levels of my students. I utilized a variety of teaching materials, such as textbooks, worksheets, multimedia resources, and interactive activities, to facilitate their language learning. I provided guidance and support in developing their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, as well as their grammar and vocabulary knowledge. Additionally, I assessed their progress through assignments, quizzes, and examinations, providing constructive feedback to help them improve. I also collaborated with colleagues and parents to ensure the students' academic success and foster a positive learning environment. Overall, my role as an English teacher at a private school in Poland involved creating effective and engaging lessons to promote language acquisition and support the educational growth of my students.


International English Centre

English Teacher

Nov 2020 - Apr 2021

As an English teacher, my job entails several key responsibilities and tasks. Firstly, I am responsible for creating lesson plans and delivering instruction in the English language to students of various levels, typically ranging from primary to secondary education. I am also responsible for teaching students the fundamental aspects of English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. This involves providing explanations, examples, and exercises to help students grasp the language rules and structures. Additionally, I guide students in improving their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through various interactive and engaging activities. Apart from teaching language skills, I also introduce literature to my students. This includes analyzing and discussing different literary genres, such as novels, plays, poems, and short stories. I often encourage class discussions and critical thinking to enhance their understanding and appreciation of literature. As an English teacher, I evaluate students' progress through a variety of assessments, such as quizzes, tests, presentations, and assignments. I provide constructive feedback to help them improve their language proficiency and identify areas that need further attention. Furthermore, I design and implement strategies to accommodate diverse learning needs and styles. This includes identifying and addressing individual students' strengths, weaknesses, and learning disabilities, and adapting my teaching methods accordingly. In addition to classroom instruction, I also play a role in fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. This involves promoting respectful and supportive interactions among students, encouraging participation, and motivating them to reach their full potential. Furthermore, I collaborate with colleagues, administrators, and parents to effectively communicate students' progress, address concerns, and develop strategies for their academic development. Overall, my job as an English teacher revolves around equipping students with essential language skills, fostering a love for literature, and guiding them towards becoming proficient and confident communicators in the English language.


German course: A1 Beginner

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