German course: B2 Intermediate

Do you want to continue learning German? German is useful for plenty of reasons! In general, we consider learning a new language as effective for your health your brain stimulation and more. See here all the advantages we can offer you while you are learning a new language!

Which levels do we offer for German?

We offer many language levels. And after this course, you can continue with another course. These are all the levels we offer:

  • A1 – Beginner
  • A2 - Elementary
  • B1 – Pre-intermediate
  • B2 - Intermediate
  • C1 - Advanced

Which countries speak German?

German is useful for many reasons. You can study abroad, broaden your career, and you can easily learn other Germanic languages. See here which countries use German as their language:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Luxembourg
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein

Advantages of our language courses

Learning at UniProf can offer you many benefits! However, increasing your motivation and offering a fun and exciting language course comes at the first place at LinguaProf. See here why you should study at LinguaProf:

  • Online or face-to-face classes
  • Personalized course
  • Professional and certified tutors
  • High flexibility in scheduling
  • Individual or course
  • Free registration
  • Secure payment

Take a course online or in-person

Learning a new language can already be challenging. Therefore, we aim to make your course as suitable for you as possible. When you consider learning from your home as the most effective, do it! This possibility is highly recommended by us and is offered.  

What to learn during a German B2 course?

You can choose what you want to learn at our course, since they are personalized to your demands. See here what you can study:

  • Technology
  • Global issues
  • Multi-word verbs
  • Communication
  • Work and education
  • Spontaneous conversations
  • Detailed explanations
  • And more…

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German course: B2 Intermediate

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